Cambridge and Oxford Summer/Winter Schools

Maxer have formed partnerships with Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge and Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford in order to co-organise Summer and Winter Schools for worldwide participants. 

The programmes offer outstanding students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge and nurture their professional skills in the rich culture of Cambridge and Oxford Colleges. Students taking part in the programmes will benefit from lectures given by academics invited from the universities along with industry experts. The programmes also provide students with immersed cultural activities as well as the opportunity to visit leading companies, research institutions and experts from various industries. 

Previous programmes hosted in top HEI's have helped top students enrich their knowledge and develop their professional skills. Many programme alumni are now studying at leading universities around the world.

Our Partner Colleges

Sidney Sussex College

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St John's College

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Westminster College

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Clare Hall

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What you will receive after the programme

Our Summer/Winter Programmes have been accredited by the British Accreditation Council. At the end of the programme, students will receive an official certificate and recommendation letter issued by the College and renown programme lecturer.

Subjects information

We currently have developed courses ranging from the area of Arts and Humanities, Business, Economics, and Law, History, Politics, and Social Sciences, Medicine and Sciences, Tech, Engineering and Maths, and English Language Courses. 

Over a period of two weeks, students will receive lectures given by academics invited from the universities along with industry experts. We are happy to develop bespoke courses for your exemplary students. Please contact us for more information. 

Arts and Humanities:

Creative Writing;

English Literature;


Theatre Studies;

Business, Economics, and Law:

Business and Entrepreneurship;


Innovation and Technology;

Marketing and Social Media;


History, Politics, and Social Sciences:

Classical Civilisation;


History of Art;

International Development;

International Relations;



Sociology and Anthropology;


Medicine and Sciences:


Biotechnology and Genetics;


Environmental Science;





Tech, Engineering and Maths:


Artificial Intelligence;

Computer Science;


Mechanical Engineering;

Sustainable Engineering;

English Language Courses:
English Language Academic

Cambridge and Oxford Summer School

Date: 28 June - 2 October 2020

Cambridge and Oxford Winter School

Date: 1 January - 28 February 2021

(Courses in winter school will be delivered within the above period, please contact us for more information)

Our programme teachers

Over 100 of outstanding teachers have joined Maxer's Cambridge and Oxford winter and summer school, and they are mainly from the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. Below are some of our long term partner teachers. 

Prof. Nicola Clayton

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Prof. Geoffrey Meeks

See more>>

Mr Casimir d'Angelo

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Dr. Catherine Mackenzie

See more>>

Dr. Charles Roddie

See more>>

Prof. Matthias Dorrzapf

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Photos from our previous programmes

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Maxer Education Institute partners with higher education institutions to develop, promote or deliver international education and research programmes. These programmes do not form any part of the recruitment or admission process of these higher education institutions, apart from the Study Abroad (Semester/Year Abroad) programmes.

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