Senior Advisors

Maxer benefits from a vast pool of respected Education Directors and Senior Advisors who guide us throughout the journey in our mission. Our well-respected independent senior advisors are a testament to the transparency and ethical values that shape our behaviour and business.

Prof. Nicola Clayton
  • Fellow of The Royal Society;

  • Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology;

  • Fellow of American Psychological Society;

  • Chartered Psychologist of The British Psychological  Society;

  • Professor of Comparative Cognition, University of  Cambridge;

  • Deputy Head (Research);

  • Fellow of Clare College, University of Cambridge.

Prof. David Newton
  • Held the Chair in Accounting and Finance at  Nottingham University Business School;

  • Was the Director of Executive MBA  Programme at the University of Manchester;

  • Co-author of two books on Real Options;

  • Consultant for business and government.

Prof. Peter Swann, OBE
  • Emeritus Professor of Industrial Economics, University of Nottingham;

  • Former Professor at University of Nottingham and  University of Manchester and Associate Professor at  London Business School;

  • Author of many publications on the economics of  innovation;

  • Author of several policy reports on innovation for the UK government and other agencies

  • Artist in Residence, Department of Psychology Co-founder of The Captured Thought;

  • Exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery,  London on several occasions;

  • Author of several books including The  Creatures in the Night & The Moustachio  quartet’.

Mr Clive Wilkins
  • Former Director of the Language Unit, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge;

  • Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies at the University of Surrey;

  • Vast experience teaching French Literature, Society and Linguistics in France, Scotland, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Finland and England.

Mr Casimir d'Angelo
  • College Lecturer, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge

  • Director of Studies, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge

Dr. Charles Roddie
  • Experienced angel, high-tech and venture investor, social activists;

  • Chairman of the Chinese solar listed company  Renesola and CEO of Emblem Ventures;

  • UK-Chairman of the UK-China Venture Capital  Joint Working Group;

  • Advisory Board of UK-China government-funded collaborative programme.

Mr. Martin Bloom
Ms. Jane Zhu
  • Head of Asia Pacific London Stock Ex. 2004-2011, Senior Adviser now;

  • 20 years of working experience in two major  international exchanges LIFFE and LSEG;

  • Director, Daniel Stewart Asia

  • Senior Adviser,  Ocean Boulevard Capita;

  • MBA, Business School, Middlesex University.

  • Head of School of Contemporary Chinese Studies;

  • Professor of Economics and Chinese Sustainable;

  • Development of Faculty of Social Sciences, University  of Nottingham;

  • Expert consultancy with major organisations,  including the UNDP, FAO, World Bank, ADB,  DFID, EU and the UNCDF. Special chair professor  of economics of Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Prof. Shujie Yao
  • Founder and CSO of Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd;

  • Founder of several technical consultancies  (Eicon Research Ltd, CBTDL, CCL).

Dr. Tony Hooley
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