Newsletter Oct-19: End of Summer Recap!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Dear Partners and Friends,

Welcome to the Maxer October 2019 Newsletter!

We hope you had a fabulous and fruitful summer! We are very excited to give you a quick recap of our summer events. Hope you will enjoy our September newsletter and thank you for keeping in touch with us!


The 2019 China UK Education Summit held on 4-5th July was co-hosted by Maxer Education Institute (Maxer), China UK Development Centre (CUDC) and St John’s College, University of Cambridge, supported by our key strategic partners Clare Hall and Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge. It has successfully brought together over 50 senior leaders from universities, education authorities and institutions around the world. The aim of this summit was to provide a comprehensive exchange platform for all abovementioned representatives. During the summit, they explored and discussed collaboration in educational programmes and researches.

It has been an intense two-day summit filled with plenty of interesting speeches and stimulating discussions, leading to fruitful collaborations and partnerships on various education and research programmes. A detailed summary of the summit will be provided soon; in the meantime, we would like to share with you some highlight photos.


Over 550 students from over 50 universities who are studying the subjects of Finance, Economics, Law, Humanities and Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Medicine, Chemistry, Biomedicine, and IELTS have participated in our Summer Student Programme 2019.

The programme offered the outstanding students an opportunity to broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge and gain valuable professional skills in the rich culture of Cambridge and Oxford Colleges. The participating Students benefitted intellectually and practically from lectures given by top academics invited from the universities along with industry experts. The programmes also provided the students with immersive cultural activities as well as the opportunity to visit successful companies and some of the top research institutions in the world.

Apart from the standard 2-3 weeks programmes, we had also launched a pilot programme in Biomedicine, which lasted for 3 months. Students had the opportunity to really blend in the Cambridge community and gained an immerse experience of what it is like to study and live in Cambridge. It turned out to be a great success with very positive feedback from the students and partner universities. We are looking forward to welcoming more studetns in 2020.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all of our partner institutions, organisations, and academics who worked unwearyingly with us this summer. Special thanks go to Clare Hall, Sidney Sussex College and St John’s College who have all been playing crucial roles in our summer programmes and offering our students one of the most remarkable and unforgettable summer experiences since 2012.


Ever since we launched the Study Abroad Programme with partner Universities and Colleges in the UK, we have received strong interests from the Chinese universities to send their students over for enrollment in 2020. Students are starting to apply and we expect to see our first group of visiting students very soon!

These Study Abroad programmes will allow students to study in a globally renowned institution for a semester or a year. Students from China will be able to experience the high-quality education offered by the UK and experience British culture during their study.


Maxer and CUDC have an annual exchange scheme with St John’s College, University of Cambridge. This tradition allows 12 undergraduate students from St John’s College to visit China for a period of 2-3 weeks. The aim is to promote long-term interests in different cultures and increased international understanding.

This September, four students from St John’s College, University of Cambridge have visited different regions in China including Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Xi’an. They paid a visit to several Chinese universities including Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Soochow University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Hangzhou University. St John’s College students also had the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and their way of life through museum visit, tea art, calligraphy activities and city tour during this exchange visit.

Local students from participating universities in China also had a chance to learn about the western culture and education system in the UK from the students from St John’s College. This cultural exchange experience has also been very beneficial to those who may wish to come to the UK for higher education.