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Connecting Top Universities Worldwide

Collaborating with Top UK and Asian Universities

We have explored and developed strong and successful partnerships with more than 100 top universities in the UK and  Asia.

Our UK partner Universities

We work closely with our university partners to actively explore new collaboration opportunities and partnership developments. 

Our Asian partner Universities

More than 60 top Asian university partners have appointed us as a partner to explore and find suitable and sustainable British partner universities.

Because "It's better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books."- Chinese Proverb" 

It is our mission to expand and increase cooperation and collaboration at all levels between East Asia and the UK. We believe "Insight Inspires Innovation". We help to arrange visits for East Asia and UK students to broaden their horizons, and to experience the East-West cultural differences. 

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Maxer Education Institute partners with higher education institutions to develop, promote or deliver international education and research programmes. These programmes do not form any part of the recruitment or admission process of these higher education institutions, apart from the Study Abroad (Semester/Year Abroad) programmes.

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