Visiting Fellowship and Teaching Opportunities

We aim to provide a platform for scholars and researchers around the world to visit each other's country to establish collaborations. Foreign academics and researchers of our partner universities are welcome to visit UK education institutions and universities to gain insight on their research and work for further collaboration opportunities. We work closely with foreign universities to provide more opportunities for international research in the UK.


In this model of partnership, we promote two programmes:

  • The first programme is for academics and researchers from foreign partner universities to take part in long term training/projects at our partner university in the UK.

  • The second programme is for academics and researchers from partner universities in the UK to visit our foreign partner universities to explore collaboration opportunities.

Maxer have recently funded and organised a trip for Professor Nicola Clayton from the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge to visit several of our partner universities in Beijing, Shenyang, Nanjing and Suzhou.

Current Collaborations and Opportunities

1. Visiting Fellows at Clare Hall, Cambridge

2. English Teaching Opportunities in China
contact us for more details.)

3. Visiting Fellowships in various Chinese Universities

Maxer and Chinese universities are keen to invite researchers to visit China and establish international research collaborations. Travel grants and fellowships are provided to support the visit.

(Please contact us for more details.)

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Maxer Education Institute partners with higher education institutions to develop, promote or deliver international education and research programmes. These programmes do not form any part of the recruitment or admission process of these higher education institutions, apart from the Study Abroad (Semester/Year Abroad) programmes.

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