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Cultural Activities

Cultural activities in  Cambridge

Full of history and a sense of wonder, Cambridge is the perfect place for lovers of culture. Here, we list some activities that are included in our Summer/Winter school programme.

English afternoon tea

One of Cambridge students’ favourite leisure activities is to have afternoon tea at the Grantchester Orchard. The place is separate and serene, quiet and comfortable. It is the land of idyllic beauty that repeatedly retained the philosopher Russell, novelist Forster and painter Augustus, etc.

Fitzwilliam Museum 

The Fitzwilliam Museum is the art and antiquities museum of the University of Cambridge. It was described by the Standing Commission on Museums & Galleries in 1968 as "one of the greatest art collections of the nation and a monument of the first importance".

Eagle's pub

Numerous legends were born here. In the most famed pub in Cambridge, Watson and Crick declared that they found DNA double-helix structure, unfolding the mystery of life. In WWII, this was the shelter for British and American pilots who left their names and army serial numbers on the ceiling by lighters and candles before they sacrificed themselves for their countries.

Golf experience

The modern golf originated in the UK, and now become more and more popular worldwide. During the course, students will be instructed by an experienced coach at the local golf driving range.


Experience the ancient and beautiful university on a small boat along the lovely River Cam. On the clear and quiet river, the small boat sails leisurely along the strewn colleges that are magnificent, graceful, exquisite or elegant and narrate beautiful stories. Numerous legends were born here.

Salsa dancing

Join in the social dancing with the Cambridge students, experiencing the beautiful encounter of the prince and princess in the fairy tale world, feeling the authentic Latin flavour and making warm and cheerful Cambridge friends.

London & Oxford trip

Students will have the chance to explore London and Oxford. Some of the exciting highlights are the British Museum, The National Gallery, London's West End Musical, London Eye & Thame River Cruise, University of Oxford, Christ Church, Oxford City Tour, Bicester Village etc. Optional 1-3 days trip to other cities are available too, please contact us for more information. 

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