Benefits of working with Maxer

Partner with reputable UK universities

We have been working with many top UK universities e.g. Oxford and Cambridge since 2015. With the growing demand on study abroad programme, We expanded our partnerships to more UK universities, allowing more bright students around the world to study in the UK as a visiting student. 

High application success rate 

Maxer remains a high success rate on study abroad application because of the collaborative work of our professional teams. We offer professional services ranged from application materials preparation to visa application to airport pick-up service.

Reduce time and communication cost 

We directly communicate with the admissions officers of the university to deal with any problems in a timely manner. Asian universities will only need to communicate with Maxer regarding all complicated application procedures. In other words, reducing the time and communication cost of both sides. Our offices located in the UK will ensure an efficient and smooth communication channel with our partners 24 hours a day. 

Increase the university’s international awareness and reputation

Collaborating with other top institutions is a vital way to expose your university to some much-needed international attention. Maxer produces marketing materials and promotes our partner Asian universities in the UK.  This will enhance the university’s international reputation and attract more collaboration in the future. 

The preferred channel to collaborate with UK Top universities 

Maxer has maintained a very solid relationship with many leading UK universities from numerous past collaborations. They have then specifically appointed Maxer to be the partnered organization for their Asia Study Abroad Programme. In other words, UK top universities prefer working with an experienced education-oriented organization than directly communicate with Asian universities to ensure a smoother and more efficient operation. 

Maxer Scholarship 

In order to encourage and recognise students’ academic achievement, Maxer offers a full scholarship to the top students attending the Study Abroad programme.

Improve your university’s reputation

By partnering with a leading UK university, Asian universities are building a stronger reputation for the university brand. It will further lead to increasing university’s competitiveness in the industry.

In-depth knowledge and experience in the UK market 

Having operated in the UK and Asia since 2015, we have gained in-depth knowledge in both regions and are experienced in collaborating with the UK and Asian universities regarding partnership model and programme implementation.