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About Us

Maxer Education Institute was established in 2012. Since then, we have developed many partnerships among education institutions across the world, to increase mutual understanding and collaboration at all levels. Our services ranged from facilitating university’s joint degree cooperation, Study Abroad Programme, Summer/Winter Schools, Academics and Professional Training and networking events (International Education Summit, Overseas academics or talent recruitment, Visiting Fellowships & Teaching, Building bridges between UK & Asia, Non-educational cooperation) for students and professionals.

Thus far, over 5000 students from more than 100 universities have participated in more than 200 Maxer residential programmes that have been carefully designed and organised by us to meet and exceed demands and expectations of our partner universities; over 100 representatives from the UK and Asia attend our Annual International Education Summit every year. We believe it is through collaborations and partnerships that we can broaden horizons of talents from both countries.

Our Mission

It is our mission to expand partnerships among education institutions to increase cooperation and collaboration at all level. Collaborations between British HEI's and other counties HEI's can result in an increased progression of ideas and innovations. It is through collaborations and partnerships that we can broaden horizons of talents from all regions.

We firmly believe "Insight Inspires Innovation". Maxer helps arrange exchange visits for all regions' students to broaden their horizons, and to experience the cultural differences. These experiences will in turn stimulate their interest to learn each other's language and culture, to feel the diversified histories of civilizations in the world, which will better help them spread their wings in the future and adapt to the sharp competitive environment filled with international talents.


Maxer benefits from a vast pool of respected Education Directors, Senior Advisors and Academic Leads who guide us throughout the journey in our mission. Our well-respected independent senior advisors are a testament to the transparency and ethical values that shape our behaviour and business.

Nicola Clayton.jpg

Honorary Director of Studies (DoS)

Prof. Nicola Clayton

Fellow of The Royal Society

Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology

Fellow of American Psychological Society

President of the Psychology Section, British Science Association

Chartered Psychologist of The British Psychological Society

Professor of Comparative Cognition, University of Cambridge

Fellow of Clare College, University of Cambridge

Clive_Wilkins -1.jpg

Honorary Director of Studies (DoS)

Prof. Clive Wilkins

Artist in Residence, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

Co-founder of The Captured Thought

Exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, London on several occasions 

Author of several books including The Creatures in the Night & The Moustachio quartet’


Education Director 

Prof. Casimir d' Angelo

World-renown linguist

Director of Global Training Centre, Maxer

Founding Director of the Language Unit, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge

Former Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies at the University of Surrey

Prof. Casimir d'Angelo previously served as the Founding Director of the Language Unit at the Engineering Department, University of Cambridge, where he also taught French. He was also a Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies at the University of Surrey. He has had vast experience teaching French Literature, Society and Linguistics in France, Scotland, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Finland and England. At present, Casimir works with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is responsible for French Language and Culture abroad.

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