Every year we welcome outstanding students outside the UK to come to Cambridge for professional academic and language courses, visiting top international companies/ institutes, and joining in British style social activities

Throughout the study abroad period, students will receive the same education and gain access to all school facilities just like a local student. 

Our Cambridge tutors (supervisors) will provide one-to-one training and supervisions to students based on their progress and academic abilities.

Outstanding interns with a strong academic background may also have a chance to be selected by the Cambridge scholars to meet and discuss further work and collaboration opportunity after the internship

 Our 8-week University Applications Service equips students with a complete application pack and essential skills they need to apply for G5 University and prepare them for their exciting and fruitful university life in the UK

Collaborating with Top UK Universities


Full of history and a sense of wonder, Cambridge is the perfect place for lovers of culture.

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